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Children’s haircuts are a rite of passage for parent and child alike. Toddler haircuts are a sign that your baby is growing up, while a new hairstyle on an older child highlights their emerging personality. For parents, it might mean an easier morning routine and fewer hours spent tenderly tugging knots out of your child’s locks. Some children’s haircuts enable them to be more independent about their haircare. In short: kid’s haircuts can be, at least the first dozen times, a big deal..

Kids haircuts come in all cuts and styles. While children’s hairstyles were once as simple and easy as gelling hair and combing it to the side, modern kids haircut styles have become just as trendy and fashionable as men’s hair. Because kids’ hairstyles help them express the person they’re shaping into, you’ll want to go into a kid’s haircut prepared to listen, negotiate and guide. If you or your child has something in particular in mind we recommended doing some research and bringing a picture of the haircut you have in mind if you really want the stylist to nail the look..